N.B. Map shows only communities with more than 10 members.

Platform Description Software Members Active sites 12 months transactions
Credit commons collective Community Forge Free hosting and support for Hamlets sites (unfiltered data) Drupal (Hamlets) 13755 219 unknown
CES (Oz) Clone of main CES for Australian network handmade ASP 1471 22 12977
CES (Main) Free SAAS for community exchanges handmade ASP 4195 64 38577
Total 19421 305 51554

Other Route des SEL A French platform for house sharing between LETS members (unfiltered data) Drupal (custom) unknown 616 unknown
LETSlink UK UK LETS umbrella org (unfiltered data) Local Exchange unknown 61 unknown
Other Some other sites we know about running Local Exchange (unfiltered data) Local Exchange unknown 30 unknown
CoopDevs Free hosted and supported sites (unfiltered data) Time Overflow unknown 316 unknown
Associazione Nazionale Banche del Tempo Italian umbrella timebanking org (unfiltered data) None? unknown 256 unknown
hOurworld Free timebanking SAAS handmade PHP 43338 337 58527
Timebanks USA (unfiltered data) unknown 254 unknown
Integral CES rebuild of CES platform of Spanish cooperatives. (unfiltered data) Drupal (custom) unknown 23 unknown
Total 43338 1893 58527